Everyone who votes for Donald Trump is stupid and racist

Asked by: ever.anon
  • I agree in your point... A little bit at least.

    I think everyone who votes for him is either doing it out of stupidity or personal gain. I'd count myself in the latter. However I think it's not nice to post an opinion where you are ridiculing people for a valid opinion, I would appreciate if you could apologize for your wrong doings or I might have to report your opinion for being discriminatory.

  • There is no backing to this claim.

    Saying that everyone who votes for Trump is stupid and racist is like saying everyone who votes for Hillary is ignorant and a feminist. Trump is not running for Trump, he represents a political party and thus, people who vote for him may in fact be voting for the party and their values. It would be foolish to think that in a country such as America, one man/woman would be given complete power. The president is still accountable. Like him or hate him, it's his advisers and department heads that will be making the policies.

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