• Matt Harvey should hang it up

    Though the ailment is treatable, high level athletes should recognize when their bodies cannot continue to perform well. Thoracic outlet syndrome is probably caused by repetitive motion, in his case -- motions he goes through routinely as part of his job. It's possible he can change his motions, or change positions on the team, and still play at the pro level, but it may just be time for him to move up to coaching.

  • No, Matt Harvey's career isn't over.

    No, I do not agree that due to the diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome that Matt Harvey's career is over. Thoracic outlet syndrome can often be corrected with physical therapy and pain relief methods. If these methods are not successful, often surgery will be able to correct the rest of the damage.

  • This won't affect him as much as people think.

    let syndrome is caused by the compression of nerves, blood vessels or both; we know that. We also know that his managers said he will be having surgery soon to correct the dilemma. Thoracic outlet syndrome, unless severe, will not cause life long damage when it is corrected. He and his managers have also commented that following the surgery he will be working very hard to get to the 2017 season

  • No, his career is not over.

    Many athletes have come back from more serious surgeries than the throacic outlet syndrome surgery that he is ending the season to get. If he rests and takes care of himself during the offseason and starts training as soon as he is able, he could be ready for the 2017 season.

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