Fake virginity kits: Are fake virginity kits a good idea in cultures demanding premarital abstinence?

  • Ffake virginity kits are a good idea in cultures demanding premarital abstinence.

    It is unfair and sexist to demand that women are virgins when they are married. Furthermore, many girls rupture their hymens as a result of sports or just everyday activities. There needs to be an option for girls who grow up in repressive societies. Fake virginity kits are a safe way to protect women's rights.

  • Only in case of rape.

    Let's say you're a nice Afghani girl. You're walking through a scary city, going to the market for your family. You get lost, turn down a wrong alley, then BOOM. You've just been raped. Most women in Middle Eastern countries would be stoned to death for admitting this happened to them. For a premarital woman like our poor victim, a fake virginity kit would be great for her first time with that new husband of hers who totally thinks she's a virgin!

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