• Yes, Calum McSwiggan faked the homophobic attack he reported.

    Yes, Calum McSwiggan faked a hate crime when he falsely reported that he had been attacked by three homophobic people outside of a nightclub in West Hollywood. The police said that McSwiggan's injuries came from a stay McSwiggan had in jail after he was arrested for vandalism. Law enforcement have also now charged McSwiggan for making a false report about the alleged incident.

  • Yes, he did.

    He did and I hope he goes to prison for his shenanigans. He is doing a disservice who may actually be attacked. Hopefully, he can live out his fantasy of being beaten when he enters the cold embrace of those unforgiving prison walls. We will see how funny it is then.

  • Yes, pandering to public onion is wrong

    The faking of a homophobic attack online is reprehensible. Even if the youtube star behind this had good intentions or wished to draw attention to an important matter it is not acceptable to resort to dishonest means in order to do so. This compromises the entire campaign in the eyes of many people.

  • I do not agree that a youtube star faked a hate crime.

    Unless it was simply to get attention, why would a youtube star fake a hate crime? There are plenty of other ways to get attention. I do not know of which incident this question refers to. I fail to see why a hate crime needed to be faked, there are plenty of real hate crimes happening in the world.

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