FBI Director says Hillary Clinton lied about her emails: Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy enough to be president?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton is trustworthy

    Yes, Hillary Clinton is trustworthy enough to be President. While her email handling practices were not appropriate, and have been condemned by the FBI Director, it's clear Secretary Clinton had no intent of malfeasance with her emails. She was a widely respected figure as Secretary of State and made the United States proud in that role. That's enough to trust her in the White House.

  • Once a Cover Up Queen, Always a Cover Up Queen

    Past and recent history of documented events continue to shine light on Hillary Clinton as being unfit and untrustworthy. Given the past and present events she is not fit to hold a public, tax payer paid office. She has completely misused her positions past and present to suit her own ends regardless of the consequences for others.

  • No, Hillary Clinton has repeatedly lied and is bound to special interests.

    Hillary Clinton has a long history of lying and of saying what she thinks people will want to hear. She has repeatedly accepted money from Wall Street and special interests and has no intention of doing anything other than what they pay her to do, even if it goes against what is in the best interests of the American people.

  • No, Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy enough to be president.

    Hillary Clinton is not trustworthy enough to be president. Clinton's latest email scandal is further proof that she will lie to the public. Clinton has faced numerous scandals and controversies over the past 25 years. It is likely that if elected president she would continue to lie and have more scandals. In short, the American people should look for a president that is more trustworthy then Clinton.

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