FBI plans to recommend Clinton prosecution to DOJ: Should Clinton be prosecuted for her transmission of classified information?

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton put national security at risk due to her actions.

    As Secretary of State it was Hillary Clinton's responsibility to make calculated and defensible decisions on behalf of the American citizens. In her defense of transmitting classified information on an unapproved server, she states that she was not aware of the risks. Putting an entire nation's security at risk due to being unaware of the potential danger is criminal, and thus she should be prosecuted.

  • Yes, Clinton should definitely be prosecuted.

    The transmission of classified material is no laughing matter. The fact that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, committed such an act is a problem that needs the hand of justice. Many undeserving people went to prison under the administration of Bill Clinton. If Hillary Clinton isn't prosecuted for her very real crime, then there is no hope for a democratic America.

  • Yes, she needs to be prosecuted. But, she has, power, influence, and money.

    She took a chance with the country safety never mind are people overseas, not just she but anyone else who sent email through that account should be out of jobs.It doses not matter to me when they were marked classified that why they have a system they are supposed to go through because you never know when something status may chance. She broke the workplace laws and government laws what would happen to use if we did this. Sorry are safety is what is important to most people apparently not hers.

  • The Information was Retroactively Classified

    What Clinton did was not illegal at the time. If she had done so with that information today she should be prosecuted. When she transmitted the information it was not classified and thus okay. It was only after the information had already been sent that it was deemed as classified.

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