FBI previously interviewed Orlando shooter 3 times: Should we be more cautious about immigration?

  • Yes, it is vital to our safety.

    Our countries first priority when bringing in immigrants should be the safety of our current citizens. We have to employ stronger background checks and better regulations when bringing in people from other countries. While America should always adopt a policy of support and inclusion, we should not just recklessly allow people in who have not been properly vetted.

  • Yes. This country should be more cautious about immigration.

    Yes. This country should be more cautious about immigration. A man that was interviewed by the FBI three times went on to commit one of the worst crimes in American history. They should have done something before that happened. They may have had enough evidence to believe that he should be deported.

  • We can always be more cautious

    Yes, we should be more cautious about immigration. There is no way to ever be too cautious. However, there is a limit to what can be tracked. Sometimes, there are individuals who don't show warning signs of potential violence and without strong evidence, we can't violate civil liberties or immigration rights. That is part of who we are as a country. We would probably do better to start finding better ways to predict future violent behavior.

  • Thats not going to stop anything

    There are terrorists who are born in America. How can you stop those people from going crazy? How would you screen someone who is fine right now but become crazy 10 years later? It is not possible. Immigrants commit less crime than people here. When you block thousands of immagrants just because 1 of them might be bad you miss out out all the benefits.

  • No, we shouldn't

    We should not be more cautious about immigration. Yes, the FBI had previously interviewed the Orlando shooter several times, but immigration has nothing to do with this. People get killed everyday by born citizens of the US, this has nothing to do with immigration. We live in silly invisible boundaries, it's pot luck where we're born, so we should get to live where we want.

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