Females Are Portrayed As Sex Objects By Society As A Whole. Agree or Disagree?

Asked by: Eqcuis
  • This will never change.

    While men do look for inner beauty, in general, if given a choice, it is more difficult for a guy to be attracted to a sexually unappealing women. Men in general are more attracted by external sex appeal as these features are naturally associated with productivity. On the other hand, women often look for security which are often associated with power and status. Since men are sucker for sexual attractiveness, both businesses and women themselves take advantage of this weakness in men in getting what they want. This strategy is effective because it is biologically ingrained in men and therefore is here to stay.

    I personally do not think this is a good strategy for women to take as there is an expiry date on their beauty. Men do look for inner beauty, it just take them time to discover.

  • It is not what has been, it is what we make it now

    I have a life,
    and like every human
    I've got one time to figure it out.
    And no, I don't feel as a sex object. And women are not "objects" unless they see themselves or show themselves so.
    It doesn't finish in the male mind. I hear this object issue a lot and it has not been fixed yet it seems.
    So it starts in the female mind, change starts with us thinking different - a little not accepting what's on tv.

  • No, it is women who sexual exploit themselves.

    Its is women who have used every means possible to "tap" into the power of visual stimulation for the reason of power, control, lifestyle, needs, survival etc. Not acknowledging this is painfully an art all in itself. But real, women complain about being objects when the circumstances warrant it and then have all used it when circumstances warrant it. Its become a very powerful tool ,the art of being able to use both sides to this issue, by the same source of the sex's when needed and to have it accepted with in our countries. No one but women themselves truly control this subject.

  • No, it is not society that portrays them as sex objects

    It is women themselves that do this. Do not blame anyone else for it.
    The choice to portray yourself as a sexual visual item is done solely at your own choice and control. If you are seeking attention and appreciation through the channel of visual stimuli then yes, you are portraying yourself as an object. So either except it or do not do it.

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