• This is obvious.

    Of course we need feminism, with out it women wouldn't be able to vote, divorce, wear what they want, and a lot of other stuff. In countries without feminism women are treated as cattle, or as slaves. Women deserve to be treated as equals. I really don't understand anti feminists, especially when they are women.

  • I need Feminism so I can have something to laugh at.

    Feminists need more screen time on the media. They need to walk around topless more often and shout for equality. They need to accuse America as the Kingdom of the Patriarchy. They need to be able to slaughter unborn humans at will, and say that men shouldn't tell them what to do with "their bodies". Feminism Is essential, because I'm depressed and I need to see Feminists being the perfect hypocritical comedians they are.

  • Black or intersectional feminism ONLY.

    The feminist movement is intended to get women more rights. That doesn't mean more rights for upper-middle class Caucasian women, it means more rights for the impoverished and for WOC.

    Seriously, feminism has been hijacked by whiny liberal women who can't understand that white women and white men are entirely equal. Black women, Latina women, Native American women, Asian women--those are the people whose rights should be fought for. *Especially* poor and/or immigrant women.

    Healthcare and reproductive rights is what needs to be fought for, not the privilege to go around shirtless. Poverty needs to be fixed, not fat- or sl*t-shaming. Police brutality needs to end, not Barbie doll production. Modern white feminists need to straighten out their priorities.

    I support feminism on the premise that, yes, women need more rights. I reject what the movement is becoming, however, and urge people to research postcolonial feminism and womanism so we can work together to get those disadvantaged people equity and equality in modern America.

  • "I have rights already"

    A very common statement from a white suburban mother. But what about the rest of the world. The rape victims blamed for wearing a tank top, the domestic violence caused by women that goes unnoticed, those who work for 25c less than their male counterparts. The child brides as young as 8 dying on their wedding night, or the girl carrying a child of a man 4 times her age and will proberly kill her, or the woman who is beaten by her father for marring for love, rather than money. Feminism is for the girls and women suffering at the hands of men, and the boys and men suffering at the hands of women, this is for the people who are ignored. You might not need feminism, but the rest of the world does. The children with memories of rape and abuse who are ignored, the girls dying in childbirth and forced marriage, the people suffering due to sexism and inequality. Feminism has been tainted my misandry (hatred of men) but true feminism is about equality, and our world is not yet equal.

  • Equality is always in style

    Feminism has not just helped women but men. Feminist pushed for many of men's rights such as the ability to win custody of their child over the mother.
    Until women have the same rights as men (such as the right to be topless in public), men are not shamed for doing things women do (like wearing dresses), and the other genders are even recognized, we still need feminist and other people that believe in equality.

  • Everybody needs feminism!

    Feminism is the belief that men and women are equal. Many people believe that all feminists are female and they hate men. This is simply not true. Men need feminism just as much as women do. The majority of people who are against feminism just do not know what it really is. To get a good idea of what feminism is all about, watch this:

  • Striving for equality is noble, but not needed.

    Feminism tries to achieve equality, but equality can never be achieved. It is human nature to alienate those that are different from the social norm. The minority will always suffer. At this point, those who are very deviated but still remain innocent are still seen as a monster. Feminism strives for a noble cause, but changing society will change what makes us human.

  • Good? Sure. Necessary? Not anymore.

    Like the Catholic church, the Feminist movement has outlived its usefulness. In America, at least. If Feminists REALLY cared about women's rights, wouldn't they be going to Muslim countries where women actually are treated like property?

    Back when women weren't allowed to vote or earn equal pay it was important for Feminists to tip the scales. But if you keep tipping the scales after they're balanced, what happens?

  • Feminism used to be good...

    But now it's trash. People honestly just use it as an excuse to complain. Women and men are very equal. Men have no more rights than women now days. This current day feminism is not was people had in mind back in the 1900s. Feminism today is about women being better than men, not equal to.

  • It tries to bring rights to people who already have them.

    Most feminists today are claiming everything is part of "the patriarchy". Until any evidence at all is presented, i will resent any argument a feminist gives me. Although with proper evidence I will listen to what they say.
    Side note: They also claim that men are misogynist and sexist, yet they attack men verbally with sexist insults. Irony anyone?

  • When the whining dies down, can we please get back to work?

    Feminism back when it was relevant was about gaining equality under the law. Congratulations, you have de jure equality.
    Modern feminism is somthing like this: But what's this? There's a guy who was misogynistic once going for something really big and awesome? This cannot be! Smear campaign time! Take the case of Matt Taylor. He wore a Hawaiian shirt depicting scanitly-clad women. He had a massive achievements, but the lunatics didn't care. They wanted to see him suffer, so they groupthinked into a massive, horrific band of fanatics. He broke down at some point, and they called it a victory.

  • It tries to bring rights to people who already have them.

    Most feminists today are claiming everything is part of "the patriarchy". Until any evidence at all is presented, i will resent any argument a feminist gives me. Although with proper evidence I will listen to what they say.
    Side note: They also claim that men are misogynist and sexist, yet they attack men verbally with sexist insults. Irony anyone?

  • When they have more than everyone, and still want more, they use Feminism.

    Feminist are just a bunch of lying hypocrites. They can’t take criticism, and whenever someone argues with them they are rape loving, women beating, bigots. They say they want equality but they don't realize they are already more than equal. Instead they try to bring down men and get the media on their side. They are nothing but professional victims, leeches on society, finding everything offensive in some way. Feminazis look for problems they have in the first world, the ones they make up, while real women in the middle east and India are treated horrible, so what do they do? Give Anita Sarkeesian $160,000 to say how videogames are sexist to women. Even though she uses no evidence and only makes half the videos she promises. Feminism doesn’t solve anything all it does is help the most privilege, complain about how they want more.

  • Through Feminism women try to prove they are as good as men. Which they naturally are

    How come someone can think that way about their gender. It is all about showing men they can be as independent, succesful and influential as their opposite gender is. But, why to focus all of your effort trying to show something that is already a fact. Women can develop their capabilities to levels that many opposites will never reach. It is delusional to think that men are better. If so it is just because women have let things be sorted out that way.

    It all goes back to prehistoric times when our nature made men develop more physical capabilities and gave them some sort of power that let the food be provided, homes be built and safety ensured. Were men those who assume political responsabilities because they were the ones that steped out to ensure peace between communities.

    So nowdays many women assume tasks and roles that once were seen as just men responsabilities and areas. Society have been designed under many misconceptions just because we let it be taht way.

    Now, abording phisycal abuse topic; yes it is wrong to hit anyone. That feeling of superiority some men could detect towards women is the result os the misconceptions implied in the social system. The ignorance of the important, not of women or men roles, but of every role itself whether it is played by women or men

  • Its not quite feminism anymore

    For the record, I believe that both men and women should have equal rights, and that advocating for that is perfectly acceptable. However, in many instances i have seen, feminism has changed into making broad generalizations about the male sex. Feminism should be about equal rights, not blaming and putting down the other sex. Its acceptable when it is constructive and actually improves the situation, but when you just put others down and spout preposterous facts that it becomes not feminism, and just elementary school name calling.

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