Five year old boy passed a Microsoft exam: Are these Microsoft exams worthwhile?

  • Maybe, but I don't know

    I don't know if the proctored online Microsoft exams are worthwhile. Pearson has managed to create a market for the company to make a profit from them, so maybe that means something. The 5 year old British child who passed might just have been extraordinarily talented at computers, or maybe the exams aren't really worthwhile.

  • They are pretty simple

    The Microsoft exams should be user friendly. Keep in mind that most of these kids are very adept at computers by the time they are five years old, so just because someone so young passed it does not negate the necessity of the tests. Adults still need to learn most of the Microsoft applications in order to work in any business today.

  • Microsoft sets necessary standards for their exams

    Ayan Qureshi is the youngest certified Microsoft computer specialist. The fact that he is five years old may surprise many people, but that does not mean he is not capable of understanding computers. There are many gifted kids and Qureshi has met the standards established by Microsoft to be a certified computer specialist.

  • Microsoft exams do not appear worthwhile

    The Microsoft exams do not appear worthwhile. This comes in light of a five year old passing a Microsoft test. No matter how bright, a young child should not be able to pass a rigorous exam designed to test computer knowledge and skills. It should require careful thought and analysis gained through intense study. A five year old should not be able to pass such a test.

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