• Phillips head is the best

    A flathead could be used to turn a Phillips screw, but run the risk of stripping even when used correctly. I, for one, use Phillips screws more often than flathead, firstly because they're slightly cheaper, but mostly, they're the length I want and I find them first at Home Depot.

  • Post "No" for flat head

    Flat head screwdrivers can be used for prising. This is an excellent reason. Thirty seven words, thirty four. I need to keep posting words for this annoying limit, only twenty two, at least I am now over half way. Word. Sample text. Illuminati confirmation. Wait, six words remaining, two, six divided by two is three, three eyes on all seeing eye, one side on triangle: Illuminati confirmation.

  • Flat head over Phillips!

    You can use a flat head in a Phillips screw. I agree. This word limit is annoying. The REAL debate should be if Bush did 9/11 because Jet Fuel can't melt steal beams. Ariana Grande is part of the Illuminati. Look up the youtube video. Say no to drugs. #3hunna

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