Flint Water Crisis: Should the people of Flint, Michigan be charged for the toxic waste in the public water of Flint?

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  • The city officials should be penalized, not the people.

    The water crisis in Flint has reached epic proportions. Because the contamination can’t be detected with the naked eye, state officials reassured the public the water was safe to drink for months despite mounting evidence that state officials knew of the growing crisis ahead of time. So I think the officials should be charged for not detecting the contamination, rather than the people be charged.

  • Fault of the city

    Horrible situations like that of the water in Flint, Michigan, are not the problem of the citizens, but of the politicians and officials in charge of the area. If we already pay taxes to keep our water clean and healthy, why should one get double charged due to the negligence of elected officials?

  • No the people who put it there are the ones that should pay for it.

    The people of Flint, Michigan should not be responsible for cleaning the water. Only the people who ruined the water should be help responsible for paying for it. Just because you live somewhere should not make you guilty of the crime. Most people will not pollute their own water knowingly.

  • No, the toxic waste is a fault of city and state agencies.

    The city failed first by trying to cut costs and tapping water from the Flint River without the necessary safeguards to make the water drink-able. The state Department of Environmental Quality also admitted that it didn't add the right chemicals to the water. This is a failure of the local and state governments, not of the people, and the people should not have to bear any costs for the public water waste.

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