Flip-flopping UN: Would you have removed Saudi Arabia from the Human Rights Blacklist?

  • Yes, I would have removed Saudi Arabia from the Human Rights Blacklist.

    Although, I would never support the killing of children and consider it a grave offense. The stability of the Middle East is paramount. Saudi Arabia is an important player when it comes to keeping stability. The UN faced a difficult decision but I believe that Saudi Arabia learned its lesson and will do better. Keeping them on the list would have undermined the progress that has been made towards peace.

  • No, Saudi Arabia belongs firmly on the Human Rights Blacklist.

    No, I would not have removed Saudi Arabia from the Human Rights Blacklist. According to recent reports, Saudi Arabia has allowed war practices leading to the death of several hundred children. Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia provides much of the financial support for many U.N. directed humanities efforts. While Saudi Arabia remained on the Human Rights Blacklist, they threatened to pull such funding. It is my belief that this threat alone motivated their removal from the list.

  • No I would not have removed them from the list.

    If i were in position to do so, I would not remove Saudi Arabia form the Human Rights Blacklist until hey took further measures to treat equally all citizens. In Saudi Arabia women are treated like second class citizens and are subject to much stricter laws then men. This is the main reason they should remain on the list.

  • No, Saudia Arabia should have been on it long before, if anything.

    Saudi Arabia is notorious for human rights violations. It should have been on the Human Rights Blacklist long ago. It's amazing that it only recently was put on there, and the fact that it was then removed a week later is inexplicable. Normally Saudi Arabia only commits human rights violations against its own people, but what it's doing in Yemen is even worse. Removing Saudi Arabia from the blacklist sends the message that what they're doing is okay, which is a horrible message to send.

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