Florida police kill man while he eats dinner in his backyard. The man did not follow orders to get on the ground. Are police justified?

  • They have to stay safe

    If law enforcement offers can never take action when they are threatened, the public will know this and act accordingly. The number of police officers that are hurt and killed will go way up. Law enforcement has to know that when someone doesn't follow their directions, they are in danger. Law enforcement must be able to protect themselves.

  • No, not following orders does not warrant a death sentence.

    We have a serious problem with police officers in this country. They need to be held accountable for things like this. It's unbelievable that people continue to defend them for murdering people like this, and that they continue to get away with it. If their life is in danger, I can understand someone defending them for killing someone, but a police officer can't kill someone just for not following their orders. These officers should be fired, at the very least, but they should also probably be charged criminally.

  • No, they are not.

    Police are overzelous and they are causing a great deal of trouble for people. They need to learn to back down and to stop responding to every situation as if it calls for excessive force. Police in this country have become way to trigger happy and have forgotten why they exist.

  • No, police are not justified.

    No, police are not justified. The incident involving the Florida police killing man while he eats dinner in his backyard because the man did not follow orders to get on the ground is an appalling use of force and misjudgement. Not following orders from police should be controlled with deescalation techniques like verbal communication. There is absolutely no reason why the police should use deadly force unless police lives are in danger.

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