For Anti-Abortionists: Should the man be required to help pay for the medical bills after birth?

Asked by: Bitch_Goddess
  • He has to pay child support..Why not.

    He more than likely knew what the possibility was in the unprotected sexual situation...And consented to a chance in having a baby. And its the womens body if she wants to have the baby, then theres nothing he can do because he consented when he had unprotected sex to the chance of fathering a baby. I think ppl should discuss this before they bother with sex. I did.

  • Both parties are responsible for the child

    If a woman is going to be forced to have a baby (theoretically making abortion illegal), it makes no sense to disclude the man from the equation. Making a woman produce the child and the man has no part in it completely makes this entire thing one-sided when both were incomes to the outcome.

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