Forty arrested outside Detroit McDonald's in protest for higher wages: Should the minimum wage be increased?

  • Yes, the minimum wage needs to be increased.

    Yes, the minimum wage needs to be increased. Individuals working full-time at minimum wage are unable to support their families. This is not only unfair, but it is a detriment to our society as a whole. The problem with raising the minimum wage is that the overall cost of living will likely increase with it, so more needs to be done to put a lid on the wealthier individuals in the country who take advantage.

  • Minimum wage should not be increased.

    Minimum wage should not be increased. If people want to earn more money, they should gain an education and work in a higher-level field than the fast food industry. It is not fair to increase their pay when higher level employees do not also have their pay increased. Minimum wage increases only encourages inflation and devalues the importance of the dollar.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    why not strive for something better...instead of places like this that have always been for the teen's 1st job or their parents 2nd job saving up for something? So now we going to pay the 16 year old 15 bucks an hour while those that are still paying for college loans are lucky if they make that to start out?

  • People lose jobs.

    There are a lot of people that are happy to work for less than minimum wage. Several websites even offer people the opportunity to micro task for small amounts of money that amount to less than minimum wage. If there is a law requiring minimum wage, these websites will go away and the people will get nothing.

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