Four Canadian skateboarders stop a sexual assault: Do skateboarders get an undeserved bad reputation?

  • Yes, we stereotype them

    The stereotype of skateboarders is that they are all teen aged delinquents that should focus on their studies more and spend less time grinding on local businesses' railings. This event shows that even those that we, for one reason or another, malign in our culture can step up and show themselves to be good citizens.

  • Yes, skateboarders get an undeserved bad reputation.

    Many skateboarders receive an unfair reputation based on a few bad stereotypes. A lot of skateboarders are very talented and athletic; likely able to compete in competitions. Society should not place unfair stereotypes on particular groups just because of old stereotypes. Instead, each individual should be judged on his own merit; given praise when warranted, and scorn when called for.

  • Skateboarders often are victims of an undeserved bad reputation

    Yes, skateboarders often are victims of receiving an underserved bad reputation. In fact, skateboarders put in many hours of hard work and painful practice to master their craft. They choose to spend their time doing something they love rather than getting into trouble by participating in unsavory activities such as drugs or alcohol conumption or graffiti artwork. Skateboarders deserve a lot more respect an tolerance from their surrounding communities.

  • No, the reputation is often deserved.

    No, skateboarders do not get an undeserved bad reputation. Many skateboarders cause vandalism and other harm to properties where they skateboard. Many others even trespass on private property to skateboard. Obviously, not all skateboarders are bad, but the bad actions of several have caused a deserved bad reputation for skateboarders as a group.

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