• Yes ISIS is insane

    ISIS banned organised sports like football when they took over Raqqa in Syria more than two years ago. ISIS militants have beheaded four members of a football team after declaring the sport anti Islamic. They are seriously insane and do not understand what is Islamic and what is anti Islamic.

  • YES, they indeed are.

    ISIS has been insane for a while now, and in my opinion, that's safe to say. ISIS is only saying they hate football now because they want attention. Honestly, ISIS is making absolutely no sense. Football is anti semetic? How could that be possible? It's another excuse for them to behead more people and terrorize the world.

  • The Insane Ideologies of ISIS

    Traditionally, if a person's behavior deviated too far from the accepted norms of society, they were often judged insane. If there is an acceptable limit for eccentricity then ISIS has definitely crossed that line. Surely, a belief system that involves the beheading of human beings cannot function within our current Western society, so it must therefore be insane by this definition.

  • Yes, ISIS is barbaric and unhinged

    Yes, ISIS represents a strain of Islam that is wildly unhinged and completely insane. Mainstream interpretations of Islam neither prohibit the behavior that ISIS frequently seeks to regulate nor do they call for the barbaric punishment ISIS metes out. Simply put, ISIS is a brutal perversion of the faith it claims to represent.

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