Four tornadoes confirmed near Chicago: Is climate change making weather more severe?

  • Yes, it is affecting the weather.

    Climate change is responsible for change in weather patterns and catastrophic events such as tornadoes, floods and heatwaves. The situation which has been caused by greenhouse effects is raising the global temperature. Something should be done reduce the emission of fossil fuels which might in turn reverse the ever changing weather patterns.

  • Yes, climate change is making weather more severe

    Yes, climate change is making weather more severe. The four tornadoes that are confirmed near Chicago are just one example of this. The weather in this country and around the world is becoming more and more severe and it is probably due to climate change. Stories like this were not prevalent 25 years ago.

  • Yes, climate change is having a huge impact.

    While it's true that there have always been terrible tornadoes in the springtime in the Midwestern United States, it seems clear that disastrous weather is getting worse and worse. This goes to show that the actions that have led to global climate change will have a real and negative effect on the people of the world.

  • It's not climate change.

    Severe weather has always occurred, and it will always continue to occur. These weather conditions can be due to different changes in the environment, but it is not due to climate change. It is just a normal part of the weather cycle, so we all need to make sure to keep ourselves safe and prepared.

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