France planned to lift state of emergency rules hours before the latest attack. Does France need international help in assessing the threat?

  • Yes, France needs help in assessing threats

    I believe a showing of solidarity among many nations is needed to help minimize terror attacks. Countries in the European Union, specifically, should step in to assist France and show a unified front against terrorism. The more nations that can band together to minimize and defeat these attacks, the better.

  • France let it's guard down, and the effects were disastrous

    Yes, France definitely needs help from nearby countries to help with terrorist attacks. France is a very cosmopolitan and international nation in its own right. Many extremists seem to gravitate to France, and the surrounding areas such as Belgium. it is a known fact now. The reason these attacks are so difficult to predict or control is that France's own citizens are the ones committing the crimes -- or people living in France. This could be classified as domestic violence. If so, France must first secure its public places and spaces. The leaders should set up a sophisticated gun registry database, and take inventory of the guns being sold and traded. it's an arduous task. Them, France should enlist help from nearby countries to secure borders, with tight security all around. France needs help desperately.

  • They should be capable.

    Where our biggest problems lie are other countries interfering with other countries problems. Each country should be strong enough to fend for themselves otherwise they are not a real country. Most specifically the United States is not the world police and after Great Britain broke off from the European Union it is time countries start doing things for themselves.

  • No, France does not.

    France does not need help in assessing the threat. They seem to have a good understanding of the fact that they are currently in trouble and that terrorist attacks are becoming the norm in France. They may not have a full grasp on the underlying racial issues that are causing the threat.

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