France wants EU-US trade talks stopped. Does free trade help economies grow?

  • Free trade helps

    We have to acknowledge that we are part of global economy, and countries can no longer survive on their own. Recent history shows us that economies only grow when countries reach agreements that are beneficial to both. If these trade talks stop, none of the countries involved will see growth.

  • Yes, free trade encourages exchange of money and goods.

    Yes, Free trade helps economies grow. Free trade is the best way to create jobs for many people. When people are employed, they have more money to spend and stimulate the economy. Free trade also encourages everyone to spend and circulate money, since supply and demand usually work in favor in the economy.

  • Yes, free trade helps economies grow.

    Yes, free trade helps economies grow. Free trade definitely leads to the growth and progress of any economy. It is even what many economies thrive on. If we didn't have free trade in the United States, our economy would likely plummet. In conclusion, free trade is very important to the growth of an economy.

  • No, free trade does not help economies grow

    No, free trade does not help economies grow. Money and business allows for economies to grow. France is right to want the EU and US trade talks to stop. If Europe and the US want to do business with one another that is effective but no part of free trade is growing either of their economies.

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