Frank Ocean's album "Boys Don't Cry" is due out on Friday. Do you think his work is innovative?

  • Frank Ocean deserves his current recognition and praise

    Frank Ocean puts a great deal of detailed thought into every aspect of his music and performances. He well deserves the two Grammys he has won so far. His work combines blunt honesty and booming sounds with surreal guitar accompaniment. The result is music that will last and remain relevant for many years.

  • Yes, it is.

    Not only is Frank OCean a dynamic man who has broken boudries by coming out of the closet, but his work is interesting and innovative. He has broken boundries through his words and his music and his fans are sure to be greatly anticipating his next album and are sure to buy it.

  • Yes, his work is innovative.

    Frank Ocean's musical work is definitely innovative. His new album, "Boys Don't Cry" is likely to be cutting edge like his previous albums. Frank Ocean is not unlike many other musicians whose work could be classified as innovative as well. Musicians often posses more than merely musical talent: musicians are usually creative and think outside the box when it comes to what music lovers will find popular.

  • Yes, Frank Ocean's work is innovative.

    Yes, Frank Ocean's work is innovative. He has produced good albums and the songs in them are very meaningful. He is definitely innovative and smart about songwriting. His lyrics speak to people and they show people deeper meaning in life. Frank Ocean's music is ingenious to those who can appreciate it.

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