• Just work a little it harder, Liberals.

    Seriously, the only arguments opposing free market are "oh it makes people rich but they have to work for that and I don't want to work hard because my parents didn't raise me right and I wanted everything handed to me." A free market opens up the doors for anyone to become a successful millionaire, all you need is a business, good product, will to work hard, and you're all set.

  • Good vs Bad

    Lets look at this with an example. If I wanted to create a business making cupcakes. Then I could I would have to raise revenue by loans, or working in another job until I had the proceeds to make my dream come to fruition. Here is were free market comes in . Once I open my business and start making cupcakes...If I produce something good then customers will buy my cupcakes and show that I am putting resources to the right usage. However if I make hotdog peanut butter cupcakes and no one buys my product I will have to a) make something else and put the resources to other usages or b) close down because the consumers/customers have soon that I am wasting resources and the resources are need else were in the market. The resources are then reallocated to other areas in the economy that need/use them better than I would have. Point being class has nothing to do with capitalism. If you work had you can become just as rich as Bill Gates. He had an idea and brought it to the public. The consumers liked his produce and bought it. It was a free exchange. Because of capitalism bill gates had the chance of becoming who he is today and he took it. Anyone with the right idea can do just as much with their dream. It is when we start to put heavy regulations on companies that things start to downturn. With all the rules and hoops that people have to go through it is crazy. Not saying some of the regulations aren't need.

  • Wealth inequality does't matter

    The reason the rich people have more money is because they MAKE more money. Say everyone has 1 dollar. Wealth is created and some people end up having 10 dollars. They didn't steal form everyone else, the economy grew. There's more wealth to go around in free market capitalism but it falls into the hands of the rich. It's not bad because just because one person's rich doesn't automatically mean another person's poor.

  • A free market Is good for everyone.

    A free market encourages hard work and innovation. It allows countries to generate wealth and jobs. All of the richest countries in the world have a free market. In China when it introduced a free market hundreds of millions were lifted out of poverty. The free market is the greatest system for removing poverty. In a free market anyone can succeed. A free market would not bailout banks. A free market has and always generate wealth bringing millions out of poverty.

  • Doesn't work well.

    In free market capitalism you end up with having 1 percent of the population owning 90 percent of the wealth. This is because of big businesses. It is good for a few but bad for everyone else. IT also leads to extreme inequality putting poor people in economic situations which are hard to get out of.

  • No such thing

    The concept of a 'free market' is false in itself. A free market follows rules and regulations that guide whom can and cannot receive loans. This leads to further inequality in classes as those with more wealth receive the greater advantage and further the separation, anxiety, and loathing that occurs in society between classes. The free market is not free at all. A free market would be available to all free citizens.

  • Free-Market Capitalism is Bad

    If we do have free-market capitalism, it will lead to higher class-inequality and exploitation of the poor strata by the rich, as seen in places like the United States today. Capitalism is not necessarily a bad element in society, however, unregulated capitalism, which is precisely what unregulated capitalism is, simply does not work. All that will happen is the rich get richer since only they have the resources to get more resources while the poor get poorer because they don't have the resources to do anything to improve their social status. Thus, free-market capitalism is very unlikely to work in any nation.

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