Free public transportation: If public transport were free, would more people use it?

  • If public transport were free, more people would use it.

    Obviously, people would use public transportation more if it were free. The cost of some forms of public transportation prevents some people from using it. Today's economy is very hard, so everyone is trying to save money. Free public transportation would be a welcome change for everyone who needs to travel.

  • It is not beneficial for governments.

    Governments can not get any of money from free transportations, just paying for free transportations. I think this condition will not allow that country to have more good quality of life because the country will get low money after doing free transportations. Therefore, free transportations should not be allowed to do.

  • No, charging creates responsible users.

    No, more people would not use public transportation if it were free, because there would be more problems. There would be heavy use at peak periods, and people would not be able to travel when they need to. There would also be increased crime and graffiti, because people do not take care of things they do not have to pay for.

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