• Free verse is not poetry-it is only prose

    This poet points out that Based on the definitions of poetry and free verse it follows free verse is not poetry

    poetry is defined to be writing based on metre
    "In poetry, metre (meter in American English) is the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse "

    "The word "verse" is commonly used in lieu of "poetry" to distinguish it from prose. Where the common unit of poetry, that is, verse, is based on meter or rhyme

    A verse is formally a single metrical line in a poetic composition"

    Free verse is usually defined as having no fixed meter and no end rhyme"

    note free verse does not use metre

    it is stated that poetry is distinguished from prose by being in metre
    free verse by not using prose is not distinguishable from prose
    putting line breaks into a work does not make that work poetry
    if it did then you could convert any novel ie Dickens into poetry by line breaking his lines

    Thus free verse is not poetry/verse and those who write it are not poets as free verse is not in metre-which is the defining essence of poetry ie which makes a writing poetry

    if free verse is poetry then there is no way to tell free verse from prose
    also if free verse is poetry then the works Dickens or Tolstoy or any prose writer is poetry
    and the telephone directory or encyclopedia are poetry

  • Free verse makes anything poetry

    Poetry has several defining factors - meter, rhyme, and form. Free verse essentially makes any writing poetry, and any writer a poet. It takes away from the specialty that is poetry. The challenge of constricting your writing to a specific format is the absolute defining achievement of poets, and free verse is a free ticket to get past that challenge and still call oneself a poet.

  • Wrong Argumentative Claims!

    Though some may consider "grass" beautiful, it will never be a flower. Thus is it the same that "free verse" poetry can be perceived as artistic and beneficial to the world-- but is not poetry. Metered poetry takes skill, tact, and prose, whereas anyone can take an essay, obscure the meaning, and call it "free verse." Though a small measure of modern day free verse poets write poems with some modicum of skill, many simply embrace the "freedom" to compensate for their lack thereof.

  • Amusingly free verse is not verse

    Poetry used to mean a concise especially descriptive or insightful verse, but if you remove the idea of verse from the equation, all you have is that poetry is any concise series of statements. Goodbye punctuation, grammar, and coherent sentence structure, from this point on I will call everything that I write poetry.

  • Amusingly free verse is not verse

    Poetry used to mean a concise especially descriptive or insightful verse, but if you remove the idea of verse from the equation, all you have is that poetry is any concise series of statements. Goodbye punctuation, grammar, and coherent sentence structure, from this point on I will call everything that I write poetry.

  • Poetry has structure by Definition.

    The notion that there can be an exception to a rule or definition simply on the merit of the Authors and their opinion is complete lunacy and hypocritical in the highest caliber. There can be beautiful Free verse, just as there can me horrible poetry, but that does not mean it is poetry.

  • Free Verse is Generally Not Poetry

    The public seems to also agree that free verse is generally not poetry; and poetry audiences have dwindled to about 7%. Free verse is killing the public's interest in poetry. Why? Because free verse is really prose. I could take this paragraph, here, divide the sentences on separate lines, make the meaning more obscure, and call it "poetry". It is not poetry! It is also a lazy attempt to be profound. You free verse writers are not poets; and the majority of your readers are other lazy free verse writers. Most of you cannot write in rhyme and meter, and choose the precise words for balance and meaning. Why? Because you really have very little talent to write poetry. You free verse writers' audience consist of primarily other lazy free verse writers. You bring disgrace to the art form, and you are killing the genre. If you want to write free verse, then be a Spoken Word Artist. Oh, you probably would not be good at that, either, as you probably lack talent for live performance! Look, leave poetry alone. Find something you are really good at doing. Poetry is not your thing.

  • Free-Verse is for people that can not write poetry.

    Most free verse I have read does not resemble poetry. There is no skill or thought in the diction and technique. It reads like dribble. I find it boring, bland and a waste of time. Poetry is an art. Just like painters must learn to use their brushes and technique so must a poet learn to write with style, form and technique. You can not just puke on a canvas and call it art.

  • This should be clear

    If you take a proper stanza of verse and remove the line breaks, it will still be identifiable as verse, on account of its observation of rhythm and, perhaps, rhyme. If you do the same to a section of free verse, it will become prose. Since line breaks represent the only distinction between free verse and prose, then all prose can be made into free verse by the introduction of line breaks.

    If we follow Housman's definition of poetry as verse with an element of emotion, then free verse cannot be poetry, because it is not verse. However, even if we excuse free verse from the constraints of metre and rhyme, and allow it to retain its claim to poetry based on its emotional element, free verse is still nothing but prose in disguise. The best it can be is poetical prose, or what you might call prose with feeling, and since prose can elicit feeling anyway, in makes a sham of free verse's claim to being poetry.

  • Freeverse is not poetry

    Think about it. Free verse is defined as poetry without the meter, or rhyme. Those are the things that define poetry. Anyone who says other wise is an idiot. I am just writing this short 21 word sentence to fit the word limit, so as to not give false content.

  • It's still poetry, guys

    I have read beautiful free verse, and it's beautiful because it allows poets to focus on the words they are saying, the art of using words and only words with no structure to them. It's just as great to have poetry say everything you need to hear and still have flow without structure. It allows poets to use word play of that of a poem with structure, and use that to create their own structure. It isn't simply cutting lines through a paragraph, it is used for inflection. It still has flow. That's the art to it.

  • Free verse is poetry

    Let us first define the legal meaning of poetry or poem: (All definitions are based on Apple's Dictionary..

    Poetry (noun); literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.

    What is then a literary work?
    A work concerning the writing, study, or content of literature, esp. Of the kind valued for quality of form

    Consider this sentence:
    The quick brown fox jumps over the brown lazy dog.

    Clearly this is just a plain sentence..But can I convert to a poem (specifically a free verse poem)..YES

    Read this aloud:

    The quick.....
    Brown fox....
    Jumps over...
    The brown....
    Lazy dog...

    Why is this considered a poem?
    1) Because I wrote the poem by having a DISTINCTIVE STYLE (two words per line)

    Why is it considered a free verse poem?
    1) Distintive style aside, the peom does not use consistent meter patterns, rhyme, or any other musical pattern...But rather tends to follow the rhythm of natural speech

    Source: The Forms of Poetry: A Practical Study Guide for English by Peter Abbs and John Richardson

  • Don't be silly, of course it is.

    Verse is not poetry. Verse is a component of metrical poems. Verse requires metre, poetry does not. Free verse is non-metrical poetry. To insist that metre is a necessary component of poetry is asinine. To say that we cannot distinguish between free verse and prose is equally so.

    Poetry is defined as relying as much on the secondary characteristics of words (aesthetics, sound, spacing, etc.) as it does on the meaning of the words. Free verse may not be metrical, but it does utilize secondary characteristics of the written word and is thus easily distinguishable from prose.

  • Proper Free Verse is Not Actually Free

    If you argue that free verse poetry is not poetry because removing the line breaks makes it prose then you are blatantly disregarding one of the major aspects of poetry itself to make your argument. Free verse is not completely free. There is still an organization and a rhythmical quality to the writing that is not there in prose. It is not just writing whatever you want, putting it in lines, and calling it poetry. There were rules established by Ezra Pound in the Imagist movement. Each line still can be viewed as having an individual meter; it is free because those meters do not stay constant in the entirety of the poem.

  • Free verse is still verse

    Even though free verse is not written in 'meter' in the conventional sense, free verse poets still must cohere to rhythm patterns even if it is not clearly identifiable. These poets must still write in a way that makes the poetry sound natural, and not forced, which sometimes is very difficult.

  • It is, people just don't always care to see it.

    I believe free verse is poetry. To support my case though, I am not going to back it up with facts to prove that it is literally poetry, but instead I am going to to tell you why it is with my personal opinion. This isn't even a real debate. It's under the opinion section, correct? That's what I thought. Getting to my case though, free verse poetry is just poetry with it's barriers down. People who view free verse poetry as writing whatever you want and calling it poetry, are wrong. They are two separate things. Free verse poetry is writing poetry with no rules but your own. You could even take it as the poet's rebellion. It still has the same poetic meaning to it, just with less rules to demolish your creative thinking process. It opens doors for many possibilities such as expressing yourself or being able to turn it into a song. It still is poetry just with less rules and with more platforms to express it.

  • The reason free verse is poetry

    The reason free verse is poetry, is because poetry are well constructed, beautiful words that were given time and thought. It is the Avante Garde of poetry. If you look at the other forms of poetry, they are just well constructed forms of word that rhyme. While free verse does not rhyme, it is still constructed of beautiful words that are well thought out and still emotional.

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