French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said the country must "learn to live with terrorism." Is this an acceptable response?

  • Yes, for now.

    Until France can learn to combat the terrible racism that is driving this country and is the underlying cause of these terrorist attacks, French citizens must learn to leave with terrorism. French citizens need to learn to live in peace and harmony with the Muslims and the moors, many of whom are also citizens.

  • Unfortunately, yes. There isn't much more the country can do to prevent it.

    France seems to be doing just about everything it can to prevent terrorism, but there's only so much that can be done. The only thing France can do is continue to stay united and not give in to its fear. It's easy to be angry and point fingers at different groups, but the prime minister is right: there will always be people who want to do terrible things.

  • That is terrible to say!

    It's understandable that the French people have to live with the fact that their culture and way of life is being stripped and called backwards by leftist liberals. But enough is enough because someday soon something major will happen. Accepting violence in your country just to appease people on how liberal you are is unacceptable and wrong.

  • Nobody should have to live with terrorism.

    Terrorism is one of the most cowardly acts and it should be punished. We need to exact retribution on these terrorists and show them that their actions are not justified. We have to show them that we will not take this and completely wipe them out the way they want to wipe us out.

  • Terrorism isn't acceptable.

    I think the statement from France's Prime Minister is deplorable. There will always be evil around us, but that doesn't mean that we should be OK with it and just learn to live with it. There needs to be a zero tolerance policy for terrorism instead of people acting like it is just a fact of life to live in fear.

  • Are You Kidding?

    Leaders are supposed to help and protect the people they lead. The prime minister in this case is the leader of France. If you are going to tell all your people that they must live with terrorism, then you are not such a great leader. As a leader, you are supposed to make things better for the people. Not have them live through hard times.

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