Funding for space exploration: Does space exploration benefit science, human understanding?

  • Astronomy fits into the space category!

    Of course it is to our benefit to study space. Space is what were living in and its all around us. There are almost infinite things to learn from space and we should not just focus on the earth because weather we like it or not, the sun will expand and decimate all life on earth.

  • Yes it does.

    Of course science is benefited from space exploration. Funding should be given and increased for space exploration. Science has found at least four Super Earths, which can eventually lead to solving our issues with global warming and our limited resources available on Earth. Not funding this could result in humans extinction in the future.

  • Space exploration benefits scientific research and understanding.

    Space exploration has and continues to greatly advance mankind's scientific knowledge. Not only does it help us understand more about our universe, much of the research and discoveries tell us a lot about about Earth. Furthermore the technology developed for space exploration has also been adapted for other scientific endeavors.

  • No it does not!!!

    Space is actually an empty space. It is a big screen with animations of things but we just don't know it. It is litrelly just a screen that we go by every day showing stuff that aint real. Space is a big TV guys!!! Please listen to me! Please listen!!!

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