• Because it does no good for people.

    It allows people to lose their money more easily as it happens more rapidly and it only takes a couple of clicks, to lose a lot of money. It's easier to comit fraud as someone good easliy be underage and be using their parents credit card. It's also easier to be kept a secert as a teenager could easily go to their room and pretend to be doing their homework when in fact they are gambling, therefroe their family couldn't help seek out help for them.

  • Not as much gambling addicts

    Many people these days are addicted to gambling. Some people go to a races and stuff to gamble, but some people are too lazy to go to a pokies or whatever, they just use the internet. If it was banned, those people couldn't do that, and therefore, there may be less gambling addicts.

  • Gives people no escape.

    Uncontrolled gambling is an illness. It is not about choice, persons effected have none, Behind closed doors person's with this affection can not escape a down spiral of debt. These businesses are designed to take money from your pocket and put it in theirs.You may win 1/10 of the time. I would love to look and see the programs that run under these gambling platforms and see the real ratio's at play. How much is payed out verus how much are payed in. Families are loosing their homes to this growing cancer in our society. The benefits to society on the whole are zero.

  • Government can’t enforce an online gambling ban- they can only stop domestic companies, even if they block international sites there is ways around it

    Governments can’t physically enforce a ban on the world wide web they can only enforce a ban on internet companies, they cannot stop their citizens from gambling on a overseas site or from people creating different online gambling. Also this doesn’t stop gambling all together people can still gamble in casinos instead of online. Gambling can’t actually be stopped and it can’t be enforced. There is always a way a loop hole on the internet to download something. To prove this is possible there are still big problems with piracy, such as movies, TV shows, games and music. A global piracy study was taken in 2010 showing that 95% of music from online was downloaded illegally and that 2/3 of torrents online are illegal. This statistics show that you can ban something but that doesn’t stop it from happening meaning this will just happen with online gambling. Remember if the United States have an economic loss of $12.5 million just due to the piracy of music what will happen to our economy if 70% of our nation gamble in one way or another?

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  • Raise Taxes With It

    Online gambling shouldn't be banned because federal, state and local governments can tax the heck out of it and make some revenue from the proceeds. Tax incentives are what fuel brick-and-mortar casinos, so the same can be done with online gambling. Offshore tax havens can be taxed by having the taxes originate from the country where the client is, not where the casino is based. Any "sin taxes" can help--if someone can afford to gamble, they should be able to pay a couple of percent in taxes to have the right to do so.

  • Gambling is a choice.

    Gambling should not be banned. It is a choice. It may be a stupid choice but it is still a choice that one should be allowed to make. If I want to spend my college tuition on gambling instead of going to school I should be allowed. If I choose to gamble instead of making my house payment I am the one who is going to suffer the consequences. Nobody else is going to suffer. Why should anyone else be concerned with my gambling habits. It is none of their business.

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