George H.W. Bush apparently will vote for Clinton. Are there other Republicans that will secretly vote for her?

  • Yes, other republicans will secretly vote for Clinton

    Yes, other republicans will secretly vote for Clinton. I think a great deal of people will vote for Clinton out of pure fear of the possibility of Trump being our next president. This election has shown an obvious divide and split in the Republican party. Many Republicans feel that they have been left out of the process, and they will show this with their votes.

  • Clinton has hidden Republican support

    Hillary Clinton has hidden Republican support that is not counted in public opinion polls. There are several in the Republican party that have already broken ranks, making it logical to assume there are others that have not done so out of fear there will be reprisals. George H.W. Bush apparently is the latest, although he is not willing to publicly make that proclamation.

  • Yes, Richard Armitage, deputy secretary of state and adviser to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush...

    Republicans deciding to jump ship and vote for Hillary are nothing more than closet Democrats who don't have a back bone to stand up against her. They are a bunch of cowards who obviously don't see anything wrong with lying, cheating, stealing and murdering their way to the top. It just proves that most of the big names in Government are all the same Game for Power - Both Parties should be Sanctioned for 10 years.

  • It's not a secret.

    The Bush family has always been Republican light. They are not truly Republicans. They are a mix of Republican and Democrat. That's why Clinton and Bush got along so well doing humanitarian work after they were out of office. They don't have to hide the fact that they are supporting a democrat because they're pretty much democrats in philosophy themselves.

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