German Nudist colony opposes refugee shelter: Do nudist colonies deserve extra protection under the law?

  • Yes; nudist colonies deserve more protection because their members are vulnerable.

    Yes, nudist colonies should be given more protection under the law. I believe that members of nudist colonies are in inherently vulnerable positions; society places a heavy emphasis on dressing modestly, and those who do not cover up are often the victims of crime. For example, rapists use the amount of clothing that an individual is wearing to justify raping, which is heinous but unfortunately often viewed as an acceptable excuse. Furthermore, members of nudist colonies may be victims of discrimination or hate crimes because of their choices.

  • Yes, nudist colony deserves extra protection

    The German nudist colony needs extra protection and security to maintain a peaceful lifestyle. It the nudist feel threatened due to a refugee shelter it is important to provide extra security. It is better to prevent a crime with extra security then to deal with the impact after a crime.

  • Nudist colonies do not deserve extra protection

    Given that the refugee centre would not be used in the summer months, as I have read, I can't see that the nudists would be walking around in the cold weather without their clothes. They should be given as much say as any other neighbouring community, but not more than that.

    Their claims that they are worried about increased sexual assaults is unfounded. Sexual assaults are not a sex crime - and are not dependent on what a person looks like or dresses like.

  • No, nudist colonies do not deserve exra protection under the law.

    Everyone in society should have equal protection under the law. Just because a group might be unique from others, that doesn't mean that they deserve special treatment, and can bar other groups from being near them. However, nudist colonies do have the right to exist without fear of being sexually assaulted by others. Therefore, law enforcement must still ensure adequate protection for the nudist colonies. In short, nudist colonies don't deserve extra protection under the law, but they certainly do have the right to exist without the fear of being assaulted.

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