German public pool bans the burqini: Should they be allowed to wear the burqini wherever they want?

  • Yes, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the burqini wherever they want.

    Yes, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the burqini wherever they want because it is their religious belief and I do not think it is right for the German government to ban their religious practice. Burqinis should be allowed because every individual has a right to wear what they want, and this shouldn't be different for Muslim individuals.

  • Yes, I don't understand why it would be banned.

    I can't think of a single reason why a burqini should be banned in a public pool. This makes no sense. It doesn't hurt anyone in any way, shape or form. The only reason I can think of for banning it would be fear and discrimination. Those responsible need to rescind the ban and apologize or there should be legal consequences. This is wrong.

  • They should be allowed to wear the burqini

    Since the burqini is a part of their religious belief, I don't think anyone should be able to tell them to remove them. Sort of like when we sing the United States anthem, we are expected to remove our hats, but it is not a requirement. These types of rules are senseless.

  • Yes, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the burqini whenever they want.

    Yes, I believe that Muslim women should be allowed to wear the burqini whenever they want because human beings should be allowed to wear whatever they want and practice their religious beliefs. I think the German government is infringing on the rights of Muslims by forcing them to conform to something against their religious beliefs.

  • The burqini still shows the face

    I understand why some people have a problem with the burqa as it hides the woman's face showing nothing but the eyes. However, the burqini does not hide the face, it only hides the woman's body which should not have to be shown. The face is completely visible so why is there a problem?

  • Safety and consideration

    Freedom to practice your religion is imperative. But for the safety of their own selves and everyone else concerned, it is best to remove it.
    Also, if we are talking about respecting cultures here, shouldn't the German culture also be considered? After all, it is their territory and they have rights to claim such.

  • Not necessarily IMO.

    -A swimming pool is a private business and they are free to make their own rules within the basic laws of the country (Grundgesetz) .
    -If you understand Islam you'll know that although covering a woman is an obligation, looking at women and men wearing the usual swimsuits in the west is RELIGIOUSLY FORBIDDEN! So saying that this is part of Islam's religious piety law is false and contradictory.
    - There are thousands of religions so this would open a wide door for different unacceptable behaviours for the managements of swimming pools with the argument that it's a religious law. For example if my religion says I'm only allowed to swim naked, I don't think it should be allwed to be done where a pool doesn't want this.

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Dilara says2016-06-11T03:57:52.200
If the pool is public, than people should always be allowed to wear burka bathing suits in it. If its a private pool, than the pool should decide. Personally I support your right to wear a hijabikini, but if a private pool doesn't want you to do so in their private facility, thats their choice.
TheWorldIsComplicated says2016-06-11T22:47:13.163
I think it's fine for them to wear it, but it could be a health hazard.