German speaker of parliament Norbert Lammert criticizes Turkish President Recep Tayyip for his comments: Is this criticism justified?

  • It is justified.

    The president of Turkey, President Recep Tayyip, has said many things about the Armenian Genocide, all of these things were false and were said to protect the reputation of the government of Turkey. He has denied the Armenian genocide and called those who say it is true are all terrorists. I think Norbert Lammert is justified.

  • Yes, it is

    The Turkish President is an arrogant turd. The powers that be should band together and cut off trade and diplomatic relations with Turkey and let the entire country rot in squalor. Or even better, we can break out the bulldozers that we used during the Iraq invasion. Remove the filth.

  • Yes, Lammert's was right to criticize Tayyip.

    Yes, Lammert's criticism is justified. Not only did Turkish President Recep Tayyip deny the fact that the events that took place in Turkey during World War I were genocide, but he also referred to the German-Turkish parliamentarians are being having impure blood. Lammert was right to defend the German-Turkish parliamentarians because the purity of their blood does not affect their ability to identify as Turkish. He was also right in his criticism because a genocide did take place and should be labeled as such as a matter of fact and not opinion.

  • Yes - Tayyip was out of order

    To recap, Turkish president Recep Tayyip condemned all MPs with Turkish heritage who had backed the vote as traitors and said their blood was impure and should be tested in a laboratory. This is a completely unjustified and unprofessional, undemocratical thing to say, any retaliation to this comment is completely justified

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