• Yes, fracking has been shown to have a negative impact on the environment.

    Germany was right to ban fracking; it has a hugely negative impact on the environment. Areas where fracking is prevalent experience increased instances of earthquakes and a decrease in the quality of drinking water. In fact, it makes the water downright toxic. Fracking might be a good idea in terms of gaining access to more oil, but it has devastating consequences on the environment and on people. We should be looking more towards sustainable energy sources that don't harm the earth.

  • Yes, fracking can be dangerous

    Yes, fracking can be dangerous. This is why the country of Germany banned the process. Fracking involves drilling down into the soil and directing a high pressure water mixture at the rock deep in the soil. This allows the rock to release the gas that is inside. It is easy to understand how this can be dangerous if something goes wrong.

  • Yes, huge numbers of people are deeply concerned about the horrendous pollution of air, land and water and earthquakes and sinkholes.

    No matter which way we look at extracting unconventional gas, it just doesn’t make sense. It is an industry in its death throes, which continues to ignore the vast majority of peer-reviewed climate science which says we MUST reduce our carbon emissions asap. Such behaviour, no matter what definition of the word we use, is psychopathic.

  • Yes, fracking is very dangerous for the environment.

    Yes, fracking is very dangerous for the environment because the process uses huge amounts of water. In addition, carcinogenic chemicals are used, which usually contaminate groundwater. Environmentalists have also said that the fracking process can cause earth tremors. All is all, fracking is very bad for the environment and needs to be banned.

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