Germany 'No means No' rape law passed: Should rapists face the death penalty?

  • A message needs to be sent

    Rape victims lives are irrevocable changed. Many are never able to have a fully trusting relationship, others suffer from ptsd, and in many cases, victims take their own lives. Beyond that, a large percentage of rape victims ends up being murdered as well. Citizens deserve to be protected. Cases like the Stanford rape, where the rapist gets a mere slap in the wrist is a complete mockery of the justice system. In so far as that, the only true protection is to make the punishment a true deterrent. Obviously, at present, incarceration is not enough of a deterrent. If forced castration is consisted cruel and unusual, than death ought to be the alternative.

  • Although rape is wrong, people should not be killed.

    Death is not a good punishment for any crime. Rape is wrong, there is no doubt about that, but killing people is also wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right. A punishment should help a person be sorry for what they have done and prevent them from doing so in the future. Although death will stop a person from committing another crime, it will also stop them from changing. People deserve second chances.

  • No, rape convictions should not result in sentences of death.

    In my opinion, sentencing more criminals to death is not the solution to violent crime. Though I'm not sure what the proper sentence should be, I think that creating a justice system where violence ends with more violence is not the way towards a more peaceful and inclusive society. That is what we should all be striving for.

  • Rapists Are Criminals But Not Deserving of Death

    Rape is a heinous, violent crime. However, convicted rapists should not be subjected to the death penalty, because that punishment greatly exceeds the crime. Such a punishment could lead to a slippery slope. Assault is a violent act, should a person who throws a punch be subjected to death? What about someone who breaks into a home? Executing rapists is an extreme, and unnecessary punishment.

  • Not everything can be black and white

    If Germany places the death penalty on all rapist there is the chance that a person who really does make a mistake be put to death. If a person has a pattern of sexual assault or even is found guilty more than once than the death penalty may be fair. This would be proof of a pattern and they are more likely to do it again. If there is someone who is young and gets drunk and commits rape they should face a different punishment than a perpetual abuser.

  • No, rape is not a crime worthy of being put to death.

    As horrifying, violating, and objectively, definitively wrong as rape is, it is not worthy of the death penalty. Rather, it deserves harsh punishment in the form of jail time, reparations made to the victim, and training and therapy. Victims of rape escape with their lives, as do most victims of physical assault or any kind of battery. The death penalty should only be considered in cases where the victim died or suffered extreme torture.

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