Google Doodle celebrates "Peruvian Songbird" Yma Sumac. Is Google Doodle effective in recalling past legends?

  • Google Doodle is very effective in spreading the word on past legends

    Google Doodle is a simple and accessible to teach the public about lost people and events. Google is used by so many individuals that cross the spectrum of age, race and background. Yma Sumac is an example of an individual I was not aware of personally until I used the search engine. And since this is on a search engine, it makes further investigation too easy to pass up.

  • Yes they are

    Google Doodle celebrates "Peruvian Songbird" Yma Sumac. I believe Google Doodle is very effective in recalling past legends. Most people use Google as a default search engine, and I imagine most people search multiple times a day, so are going to be seeing the front page multiple times, daily. It's very effective advertising.

  • Most people do not pay attention to Googe Doodle

    The Google Doodle has been used many times for humor. It always represents something, but most people do not pay it much attention. There is a very small percentage of people who notice it at all. Bing is increasing in popularity and takes a more obvious approach to making statements.

  • Google Doodle Does Not Inform, Merely a Decoration

    I use Google everyday and am aware of the fact that they use different artwork to display or present different ideas/things/people. However, the artwork on the Google page does not actually give any information to the viewer if they have literally no idea what the person/idea/thing is in the first place. In order for me to be curious enough and want to learn more about what they are 'pushing,' I would have to know what it is in the first place.

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