Google Fiber is buying high-speed internet provider Webpass to expand its reach in cities. Does Google have too much power?

  • Yes, we need to be wary of Google turning into a monopoly.

    Google is everyone's search engine of choice. Most people won't use anything but Google when looking up something. They are expanding their reach by diversifying the services they offer. They purchased Blogger, the world's biggest blogging service. Now they are buying Webpass to bolster their power even more. This is a case of Google, a private company, becoming a tech giant that specializes in absorbing smaller companies. This will soon leave consumers with fewer options and give Google the lion's share of control.

  • No, Google does not have too much power

    I do not believe that Google is interested in accumulating power. It is my opinion that the company is interested in developing and deploying new technologies that tend to disrupt other industries while enriching Google. However, that is simply the nature of business and modern technological development. I do not think that Google's expansion and success should be held against it.

  • No, Google does not have too much power.

    Google has shown itself to be an invaluable technology innovator. Because of Google, the Internet is much easier to use, email is more accessible to more people, the Android OS continues to make mobile computing more affordable, and other technologies are being developed that will further improve the way we live (e.g., Google's self-driving car). While there are some valid concerns about Google being able to exercise unwanted control over the flow of information, there are enough competitors and watchdogs to prevent this from becoming a significant problem. While no company should have monopoly power over an industry, Google has shown what a concentration of resources and talent can do to better all of our lives. Until such time as that changes, Google is the kind of big company that we should welcome; innovative, pioneering, and a benefit to most of us.

  • No, Google is providing healthy competition to corporations who have too much power.

    Businesses like Comcast and Time Warner have thus far been able to get away with providing appalling service to their customers because they work together and face so little competition. With a huge company like Google expanding its services and influence, it will likely force other companies to provide better service in order to stay competitive.

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