Google searches omitted key US presidential candidates. Do we rely too much on technology?

  • Yes, we do.

    We do rely too much on technology, although this is not neccesarily an example of how. This is an example of technology gone wrong. We have become dependant on our phones to remember people's contact information and on our air conditioners, televisions, and refrigerators. All of these things are too advanced.

  • We rely too much on technology

    Most people could not function without technology. We rely on it daily for directions, information about businesses, and a variety of other reasons. 15 years ago, most people did not have a cell phone, and now people cannot go a day without one. We are far too reliant on technology and it would be difficult for people to give it up.

  • Yes, we relay too much on technology

    The use of technology makes it faster and easier to obtain information but Google searches may also slant the information or omit important details. Research on the US presidential candidates tend to focus on the two major parties and rarely highlights the independent candidates. The use of technology such as Google has become a major crutch for reporters.

  • We should use a mix of human input and technology

    At certain times, and in certain situations, we do rely too much on technology. We need to move society in to a position where it doesn't always want to, or try to, rely on technology. Some times humans putting in the work is more important, especially when it comes to things that really matter.

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