Google's quantum computer created a simulation of a molecule: Will super computers help scientists solve more problems in quantum physics?

  • Within Twenty Years

    The latest estimates are that within twenty years classical computers alone will be able to reveal the mathematical foundations of a Theory of Everything. By then computers will routinely crunch numbers larger than the human brain is capable of doing and between their capacity and a Theory of Everything the next generation Contextual sciences will more often replace traditional metaphysical approaches.

  • Yes, they will.

    Super computers are are a big help in many fields of scientific study, quantum physics being one of them. The use of supercomputers could be a big benefit to the industry and help to solve many more problems in the future, especially as computers get more advanced and the ability to parce problems gets better.

  • Yes, they can be an invaluable research tool

    Yes, super computers and especially quantum computers can be very valuable research tool in quantum physics because they can help scientists put their theories to the test for much less money and time than more conventional methods. Right now, there are only few specialized facilities for such tests, and preparation for the experiments can last for several months. Computer simulations can be done in much shorter time and for much less money.

  • Yes, super computers will help scientist solve quantum physics problems.

    Google's quantum computer was able to accurately simulate a molecule for the first time. This shows that super computers can help scientists solve quantum physics problems that are too complex for human calculations. It is likely that super computers will be used in other scientific fields for research and problem solving as well.

  • Science Can Be Super Advanced

    Technology speeds up the process for pretty much anything in this world. Quantum physics is something that the super computer can simplify for scientists so they can have more room to delve deeper into things because a lot of the difficult stuff can be taken care of by the super computer.

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