Google's self driving cars in city streets: Are driverless cars a danger to people on the street?

  • YES, they are. BECAUSE THEY DON´t have emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, just because people think they are safe, does not mean they are. Sure, machines have better reasoning and logic, but they don´t have COMMPASSION!!!!! WHAT COMPASSION IS IF YOU CARE ABOUT SOMEONE, and you would do anything for them. BUT THE STUPID Machines only do what asked to do.

  • No because they have much better logistics

    For one, something doesn't need to have emotions to be safe. In fact emotions get in the way when decisions are being made. They can sway a person into or out of doing something that is the obvious right choice. These machines will not only not be a danger but they will make the roads much safer for everyone. They don't get road rage, they don't drink and drive, they don't speed or run red lights, they don't make impulse decisions like any human is susceptible to. Driverless cars are the future and there is no sensible reason not to trust them

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