GOP agrees to vote on gun control after 15-hour filibuster: Do you support stricter rules on the purchasing of weapons?

  • Guns should be controlled

    I do not support taking away all rights to gun ownership, but I do feel that something needs to be done. Gun violence is sky-high, and placing more control on these weapons can only help matters. Background checks should be mandatory, barring anyone with violent or mental health issues from owning a gun. Certain high-powered, rapid-firing guns should not be available for personal purchase, and some accessories (such as 'silencers') should be banned.

  • Yes, we need to balance safety and freedom.

    No Constitutional amendment is absolute. The right to bear arms needs to be balanced with responsible gun ownership. There are many people who should not own guns and a number of guns that should not be available for private ownership. Commonsense laws can allow us to protect freedoms without sacrificing safety.

  • Yes, there's no reason not to impose stricter guidelines.

    With weapons that are designed to kill, it just makes sense that you would put some restrictions on purchasing these weapons. If someone who is being investigated by the FBI is able to purchase multiple weapons legally, then we definitely need to re-examine things. Yes, people will still be able to get guns illegally, and putting more restrictions won't end gun violence. However, it should help, and there's no reason not to.

  • We need to arm everyone.

    If we arm everyone, the world becomes a lot safer. If the damned liberals want to take my gun away, they can come up to me, face me, and explain to me that, in the interest of my own safety, they are going to take away something that keeps me safe. Then I'll laugh them off of my private property.

  • No stricter rules

    I don't believe in stricter rules unless you're talking about cross-checking no-fly lists or terror watch lists. The right to bear arms is embedded in the nation's founding. The liberals are always trying to find ways of restricting our gun rights. If we keep creating gun-free zones, it will only be safe for terrorists in this country.

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