• Yes, Gordie Howe's life was dominated by the NHL.

    Yes, it can be said that much of Gordie Howe's life was dominated by the National Hockey League. Howe spent over 25 seasons playing for the Detroit Red Wings. During his tenure with the Red Wings, he helped the team compete in several playoff games, and win four Stanley Cup Championships. He even earned the nickname, Mr. Hockey.

  • That is what he was known for

    Had it not been for his hockey career, the world would never have known who Gordie Howe even was. Hockey was his life, at least at one point, and he was an unforgettable presence in the sport. He will always be remembered as one of the greatest players the sport of hockey ever saw.

  • His whole existence was about hockey

    Gordie Howe truly loved playing hockey. I mean who comes out of retirement just to play with his sons on their hockey team. I'm jealous of that kind of love and obsession for the game. It defined him and fed his zest for life. Most athletes can barely move when they are done with their sport but this man lived until he was 88 years old and was in pretty decent health.

  • No, Gordie Howe's life was not dominated by the NHL.

    Gordie Howe found his passion in life and took full advantage of his natural skills. Everyone should strive to find something they feel as much love for as this man did about the NHL. Although, the NHL wasn't his only achievement. He was also a renowned philanthropist who constantly gave money away and set up charities to help underprivileged youth. This man's life was greatly influenced by the NHL, but that was not the only facet of his character.

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