Government Surveillance: Should government be allowed to watch our every move?

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  • Yes, it should.

    You don't have anything to worry about if you aren't doing anything wrong. If you aren't doing anything wrong, it doesn't matter whether the government is watching; live your life in the open. However, if you have something to hide, you should probably be in jail anyway. Innocent people hide nothing.

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  • Government should be allowed!

    How else will they be able to prove you didn't punch the guy, although there is blood on your knuckles? How will they catch that sneaky pick-pocket who stole your money? What scares criminals more than a camera looming over them? Surveillance cameras are the key to a safer America for all of us.

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  • Keep up safe

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  • Yes they should

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  • Yes I agree; the government should have our back...Look what we do for them

    Many terrorists have been caught because of their surveillance, and, honestly, it doesn't hurt us. I think the government should keep watch on us...They protect us from terrorists and if your not doing anything wrong, you won't be worried about them "finding" you. Yeah, so, i agree with government surveillance

  • The spying has caused no harm, only good.

    There have been over 50 cases where terrorist plots have been stopped because of this spying. The information that has been collected has done no harm. They use it when necessary, but it has still caused to harm. If this spying wasn't in place there would be real lives lost.

  • The Innocent Have Nothing to Worry About

    I think that if you're not doing anything wrong, then you shouldn't be worried about surveillance. Living in any country, or being a citizen, means that you give up some rights in order for protection. Anyway, most of the data the government collects, like on phones, is never used, it's just kinda filtered through looking for key words.

  • Totally out of Order

    Having an ultimate, all-knowing, superior government makes me extremely uneasy. The biggest threat to a democracy is the government itself. So if nothing can stop it, then we are no longer live in a democracy, merely a soft tyranny bordering on a dictatorship. Shouldn't the NSA in the US and GCHQ in the UK be made accountable for their recent exploits on evading our privacy?

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  • No its creepy!

    Think about, strangers you don't even know, you don't even think exist are watching you. People (hackers) can hack into the surveillance and find out where you live and stalk you. 93% (not really) kidnappings happen because of surveillance cameras used by the "government". I say no to surveillance. What do you think?

  • Not at all

    It would cause lots of energy tension in homes and start riots and/or nationwide panic. In other words, people should be left to their devices to live as they want until a real reason to investigate is given. And I mean an actual real reason, not that 'someone may have possibly stolen a candy bar but we have no idea at all if it's right and the kids 5'

  • This is total chaos

    The government are just nosy . They say it's to keep you safe , but really , they're looking for any dirt on you possible . What if the government leak our internet history ? Better yet , what if another country does so ? The murder rate would go up , as well as the divorce rate , assault rate and the amount of protests . It would be a disaster . People would be murdered . What if a man's wife is mentally ill and he's confided in someone online ? And then the two reconcile. , but everyone's internet history is public and she goes out and murders him ? That's on the government's hands . I think , that what happens on the internet , stays on the internet . Also , there would be a lot of blackmail . It would be bad enough if one of your friends or your spouse was snooping around on your phone , but if it 's a complete stranger , that's even worse , no matter how high up or important they are . Next , they will want to know how many times a week you and your wife have sex and what sex acts you do . They may even make it compulsory that you film it ! What I'm getting at here is that your internet history is like your sex life or marriage ; it's nobody else's business . I can understand that snooping on people's internet history has helped the government take down terrorists , but seriously ! The average person isn't a nut job wanting to bomb the West . Why don't they cut us some slack ? Next , they'll want to know which hand you use to wipe your ass . Personally , it's a bad move - they want to keep both eyes planted firmly on the innocent while the guilty are committing crimes behind their backs . A quote from 1984 : " Big Brother is watching you ."

  • Famous Quote from the past

    "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither".

    Our elected leaders are to paranoid and it all comes from down south. We cant even trust the RCMP to do their jobs properly as everyday I watch the news where they show me they have committed some illegal, immoral or unethical action. The more power we give these people the worse our lives will become.

  • The government can hold too much power

    If you have surveillance in abundance, this will make people uneasy, and make them feel like the government is holding too much power. In the past, when England controlled the colonies, the colonies broke away and tried their best not to give the federal government too much power, like England did to them. This is bad because you are being controlled to much, and with government surveillance constantly watching you, you can feel uneasy and will not be good for the country.

  • No No No

    This gives the government too much power. If you think about it, the government knows everything you are doing. If you type in an address into your phone, the government knows. Do you really want the government to see everything you are doing. This could affect everything from your daily routine too bananas

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