Governor Brown signs a bill banning SeaWorld orca shows. Do the shows exploit animals?

  • Sea World workers have recently admitted...

    Sea World trainers have recently admitted that killer whales in their care (and used in the park's shows) have to be given anti-depressant medication to keep the animals cooperative and prevent them from withdrawing. This isn't an occasional form of treatment either - it's ongoing with these enormous animals, which require large open spaces to feed and to grow, both physically and cognitively.

  • Strong Support for the Ban

    Absolutely the shows exploit animals. Research has shown that the life span of orca whales is much, much shorter in captivity than in the wild. Orcas in captivity have been known to show emotional distress by being stuck in small tanks, separated from their babies, and forced to perform on a regular basis. This needs to stop.

  • Yes, I agree.

    There is a world of difference between animals being abusively trained and forced to perform in circuses and in entertainment, practices which should certainly end, and having a pet as a member of the family. Besides the loving familial relationships, there are untold thousands of people who have been saved from fires, natural disasters, criminals, and potentially fatal medical conditions by alert and fiercely loving pet dogs, cats, pigs, horses, cattle, and birds.

  • SeaWorld shows exploit animals

    SeaWorld shows exploit the animals. They are made to do tricks. While this can educate the public, there are other ways of doing so, such as having a tour guide explain the animals to tour groups. We have found animals to be far more intelligent than previously thought, making the shows an exploitation.

  • They are cared for.

    No, SeaWorld orca shows don't exploit animals, because the orcas in captivity are well cared for. Sea World makes a lot of money from the orcas. Of course they are going to take good care of them. The orcas don't have to worry about where there next meal is coming from. They are living a good life.

  • It is not the governs place to ban Sea World's shows

    Govern Brown should not have the right to ban seaworlds show, due to his personal belief that a show such as this, is an explotation the whales featured. Sea Wolrd is a private institution therefore, the government should not have the authority to regulate its show as long as there is no explicit animal cruelty.

  • The ban will not help those killer whales.

    They are domesticated mammals under the care of Seaworld Orca and we already have the law against animal cruelty. If we were to shut down SeaWorld, it would cause the loss of jobs and the lives of those killer whales into the wild.

    Governor Brown should have encourage the SeaWorld Orca to build bigger closed environment tank for those domesticated mammals.

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