Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to run on that ticket: Would that be a wise move for Sanders?

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders has a lot of momentum and should run on the Green Party ticket.

    Bernie Sanders has mobilized the millennial generation throughout his presidential campaign. He should consider running on a third party ticket, such as the Green Party in order to continue to fight for his beliefs. His popularity will follow him to the third party, and he may have a chance at getting into the White House on a third party ticket.

  • No, the U.S. runs on a two-party system and would likely not take a Green Party member seriously.

    Traditionally speaking, political elections have always boiled down to two parties: the Democrats and the Republicans, with any additional groups being seen as amusing fringe parties that are hard to take seriously. While the Green Party may be more in line with Sanders' ideals, if he hopes to be taken seriously by the American people, he must choose to run as either a Democrat or a Republican. Otherwise, he faces a serious uphill battle not only in terms of the election process itself, but also in terms of establishing the Green Party as a legitimate contender.

  • Bernie Sanders on a Green Party ticket is a bad idea

    Bernie Sanders on a Green Party ticket is a bad idea, specifically for Hillary Clinton. There is no doubt that Sanders pulling such a move would split the vote and pull voters away from Clinton. Then again, that may not be a bad thing since this country cannot allow this woman to become president.

  • Just a waist.

    Sure, seeing that the democratic and republican candidates have been fixed, it may be his only chance at winning the election, but that too would be without hope. Odds are, if he did switch to the Green Party, he would take those that wanted him as the democratic candidate along with him. There are a couple problems with that. First off, he would still not have enough voters to beet Clinton, much less Trump. The other problem is, by taking away those that would have backed Clinton, she would not likely get enough votes to beat Trump. On the other hand, if he would rather Trump be president over Clinton, then running under the Green Party would be the thing to do.

  • It's time for Sanders to align with Clinton

    Sanders has run a great campaign, but at this point, I think he can have a larger impact on the future of the country by supporting Clinton, just as she did for Obama eight years ago. Further fracturing the left could create dangerous consequences for the party, and at this point, Sanders would do better to try to unite on Clinton's campaign.

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