Growing number of cancer victims stemming from 9/11 attacks: should those numbers be included in the victims and casualties of 9/11?

  • They are victims, too.

    Yes, the people who are dealing with cancer because of the events of 9/11 should certainly be included in the victim count. Their lives will most likely end prematurely, and they will certainly never be the same. However, the actual number of victims given will not change the scope of the tragedy.

  • Cancer victims should be included in 9/11 casualties

    Cancer victims that got sick from the after effects of 9/11 should be included in the casualty numbers that are calculated from the terrorist activity. The victims most likely got sick from the poor air quality. Including them will allow the victims and their families to receive certain federal and private benefits.

  • Include late onset cancer victims in 9/11 victims

    Many 9/11 first responders developed cancer soon after working at ground zero. Due to lower levels of toxin exposure
    Due to lower exposure – or stronger immune systems, many others did not develop cancer until many years later. These cancer victims have not been included in the counts of casualties nor have they been eligible for compensation or support. It is time to include them.

  • No, the casualties of the 9/11 should not include cancer victims

    The 9/11 attack was a harsh tragedy for many people , especially the emergency teams and police who were on the front lines with direct exposure to many of the chemicals and pollutants. It is unfortunate that the long term effects of that day led to many illnesses and cancer but they should not be counted as victims of that date.

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