• Guns are causing more death than is necessary

    If you look at any statistic, the number of deaths due to gun crime per capita in the USA which lacks the gun control that the UK for example has, is so massively higher. It strikes me as lacking common sense to say that gun control shouldn't be put into America. The 2nd amendment is outdated and needs to change.
    If the statistics don't persuade you, then perhaps the mass shootings in schools that occur so frequently (the UK doesn't get these may I just add) and unnecessarily, will. Other countries without guns get by with citizens "fighting the bad guys", so there's no reason to suggest the USA cannot do the same.

  • Look at the definition of gun control.

    Gun control includes any restriction put on who can purchase, sell, or use a firearm. This means that the laws preventing serial killers and rapists from legally obtaining a firearm is a form of gun control. It also serves to stop gun shops from selling to said serial killers and rapists.

  • Need NATIONAL gun control not every state 4 themselves system we have now.

    There are gun control laws but it is patchwork and subjective by which state you live in. Some are super strict and others are free wielding and none stop you from carrying a gun across a border, registration in the new state is voluntary and follow ups are non existent.

    A NATIONAL gun control law followed by ALL states would certainly curb gun violence if the following were implemented :
    - gun owners must pass a mental/criminal check verified by three different government agencies and three different authorized mental health professionals
    - gun owners must pass a proficiency test before purchase and every year after as long as they own the gun
    - gun owners with children must purchase a thumbprint lock for the gun and a separate locked case for the bullets
    - gun owners must have a bulletproof room to clean their guns in their home, that excludes minors or must clean their guns at an authorized gun shop or range
    - private owned guns must not be automatic or manufactured with a clip no larger then 6-8 bullets
    - private gun owners are prohibited from purchasing explosive or fragmenting bullets
    - privately owned handguns are prohibited from being high caliber or able to penetrate AND exit an average bodily person at a distance greater then 20 ft
    - gun number limits an owner to 2 hunting rifles and 1 handgun per person of legal age and a maximum of 100 bullets per firearm at any given time
    - gun owners must register their firearms with the state within 1hr of entering for visitation and for moving into that state with a national database
    - gun owners must report stolen or lost firearms with 12 hrs or be held criminal/civil liable for crimes committed using said firearm
    - open carry gun owners must clearly state their right with highly visible stickers on vehicle/motorcycle bumper and drivers side window, highly visible patch or button that must be worn in plain sight, and their guns must be in highly visible colors and in plain sight at all times
    - private owners are prohibited from conceal and carry rights
    - criminal suspects/felons/criminally charged/ or those with a restraining order against them citizen must turn in their guns to the state and are prohibits from owning a gun or procuring any firearm unless pardoned, found not guilty, or the order is revoked.
    - establishments that serve alcohol, schools, public parks and institutes of higher education must have lockers systems for patrons to turn in their guns before entering

  • Guns Save Lives

    Guns are used to prevent crimes very often and gun control would only restrict gun access for law abiding citizens. Criminals would still get them (like they do drugs) ad use them against defenseless unarmed law abiding citizens. Even without a gun a criminal can commit a crime against a weaker person.

  • No no no

    There should be more background checks for gun owners no banning guns or controlling guns in America in my book if we don't have guns we can't fight the bad guys in the us not even in the military police force FBI or anyone that protects our country we need gun for defending this nation to defending ourselves with guns that is my opinion

  • Guns aren't the problem

    There are over 80,000,000 gun owners in America and there are about 31,000 people killed with guns a year in America. However 20,000 of those are suicides. So that means 11,000 people are murdered a year with guns. It is not right to punish those 80 million law abiding citizens over the actions of a few psychos.

  • Gun control always fails.

    All the pro-side like to point out the UK or Australia, what they fail to mention is that TOTAL violent crime didn't change for the better in either of those nations, but rather stayed the same or got worse.

    Most gun deaths in the US are suicide, Japan with a near complete ban on civilian ownership has a 50% higher suicide rate.

  • We already have it and it doesn't seem to help

    We have had gun control since the 1930s and gun laws have steadily increased since then. There were mass shootings back then and they still happen today. I think what you mean is Gun Bans which also wont work. If you ask why not I will answer with these questions.
    Did people still drink during the prohibition?
    Do people still do drugs?
    Do people rape kill and steal?
    All of those things are illegal and yet people still do them. Do you really think guns will be different?
    Gun control is just another way for the government to take away power from the people and it will be an excuse for the to increase policing. It will also be a huge waste of money to try to confiscate everyone's guns kind of like it is a waste of money to try to take everyone's weed.

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