Guns on Texas campuses get the blessing of a federal judge. Do you think the gun law is unconstitutional?

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  • No, the gun law is not unconstitutional

    The gun law allows for citizens to carry guns in Texas and is not unconstitutional. The 2015 Texas law allows for handguns to be carried openly in the state. A License to Carry (LTC) is required in order to carry the handgun or for it to be concealed in public. There are some amendments to the law that should be considered such as having a waiting period before purchasing a gun and registering all firearms. In addition, all assault weapons should be banned in all states.

  • Reaffirming your second amednment right isn't unconstitutional

    This question is entirely backward. The Constitution ensures that our right to bear arms shall be uninfringed. A law that affirms the rights of others cannot be unconstitutional because hypothetically somebody might get hurt. This kind of backwards thinking supposes that our rights come FROM government and not that our rights are PROTECTED BY government.

  • No, the gun law is not unconstitutional.

    Allowing guns on Texas campuses is not unconstitutional; however, it may not be the best idea either. Armed campuses could provide added protection in some circumstances. However, it may also lead to more deadly confrontations too. There could be more "stand your ground law" type instances which lead to deadly confrontations.

  • No, it is not unconstitutional.

    This law is certainly not unconstitutional, but it is lacking foresight. Allowing guns on campus without regulation is dangerous. Placing guns around students creates a heightened sense of fear. It is a constant reminder of mass shootings everywhere, and it is unlikely to prevent such an event from occurring on campus.

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