Haiti has over 95% deforestation so do international organizations have responsibility to intervene when a country over deforests its land?

  • Yes, we should intervene when other countries are ruining their lands

    My gut reaction is to not intervene in what other countries are doing. How would we react to another country telling the United States what to do? However, something bigger is at stake here. We all live in the same world. We only have one earth. We are all citizens of the same place, in essence. Therefore, if some of our fellow citizens are mistreating our earth, our one and only earth, then something must be done. I believe international organizations have a responsibility to step in and save the earth when certain countries are ruining it. We should not stand by and watch as our earth is destroyed. In the end, it has an impact on all of us.

  • No, other countries to have the right to intervene.

    How a country uses its natural resources is up to the people and government of that country. However, other countries can help teach Haitians how to conserve and replace its forests. Learning how to manage resources such as forests helps create jobs and boost the economy while it restores the land to a more natural balance.

  • No, a soverign country rules over its own land.

    No, if a country is truly a sovereign state, it must be treated as such. It may ask for help, and in a case like this should receive it, but other countries can't take it upon themselves to meddle because they believe themselves to know better. For example, USA would probably not take kindly to Canada seizing control over and shutting down the oil fracking businesses in Oklahoma. The intervention would be justifiable, as the fracking-induced seismic instability of the state is well-documented and extensive.

  • No, there shoukd be no intervention.

    Intervening in such matters is overstepping boundaries. If a country decides to waste its natural resources, they alone will face the consequences. Interfering in global affairs on a mass scale is costly and time-consuming. There are far more important issues in the world today, and international organizations should remain focused on the war against terrorism.

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