Haitian Disaster Recovery Delayed: Did The Clinton Foundation falsely make contributions?

  • The Clinton Foundation needs to come clean about its contributions to Hatian disaster relief

    The Clinton Foundation has rightly come under fire for mismanagement of funds related to the Haitian earthquake. There needs to be more scrutiny of the way the Foundation uses their money: I think that they were merely raising funds to appear sympathetic to the poverty-stricken nation, where in reality this fundraising was to make themselves look good.

  • Yes, they did

    The Haitian disaster is so vast and so well known that it's instantly a sweet buzzword for people to use when they want to be trusted. Just throw some money at the Haitians and boom, people think better of you. Especially if you're a politician with a lot of money. While Clinton may have given some money to the foundation, I doubt that they actually gave as much as they said.

  • No, the Clinton Foundation did not make false contributions to aid Haiti.

    So the claim is that the Clinton Foundation raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a hospital that was never built in Haiti. I am not in agreement with this statement. The foundation did raise quite a sizable amount of money and provide quite a bit of aid to Haiti. There is no evidence that I know of that stated that any of those funds were specifically earmarked for a hospital.

  • Clinton Foundation contributed real money to Haiti

    While not all of the money promised to recovery work in Haiti made it to the island, the Clinton Foundation was still a frontrunner in rebuilding both physically and economically after Haiti's earthquake. They not only made donations, but they also had a physical presence in Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. No foundation is perfect and they probably haven't lived up to every promise that was made, but we can't deny that the Clinton Foundation has made sizable contributions to the ongoing recovery work on the island.

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