Hamas "infiltrated international Gazan aid group" and stole tens of millions of dollars. Should the U.N. step up pressure?

  • U.N should step up pressure to stop such thefts

    To steal tens of millions of dollars like that is disgusting, people need the aid just to survive. The people committing such serious theft like this cannot be allowed to get away with it, serious pressure has to be put on to stop it and, if possible, find a possible group of people responsible. The U.N is best placed to step up pressure and put a stop to it.

  • Yes, the U.N. should step up pressure in reaction to the theft by Hamas

    Hamas stole millions of dollars from the Christian relief group World Vision and so it now benefits the terrorists. This is clearly a time for the United Nations to step in and impose whatever sanctions are at their command. The well planned infiltration of the relief organization stole from the very needy to direct the money for guns to the terrorists.

  • They know how to play it.

    Hamas is smart. They know how to infiltrate organizations and steal money from the West. That money is then used to fight the West. The U.N. needs to be smarter about where its money goes, and also step up pressure on the organizations that receive the money to police themselves and avoid corruption.

  • Yes, the U.N. should apply pressure.

    The U.N. should protect the people of the countries they are sworn to serve. This means if someone came in and stole tens of millions of dollars from them they should intervene. There needs to be more regulations on the aid groups in protecting their money. The U.N. needs to take lessons from the U.S. and prosecute the thieves just like anyone else who steals and embezzles.

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